Where Are My Signs

I am taking a decidedly different approach to campaigning in this election. I have decided to shun single use plastic bag lawn signs. I know that they have been a staple of modern campaigns for years but I think the evidence is overwhelming that single use plastics are an environmental disaster. After consulting with my team, we have decided that we will not use these signs and instead focus on digital ads and knocking on doors.

Single use plastic has been identified as a significant environmental challenge by the federal government. Currently, less than 10 per cent of plastic used in Canada gets recycled. Plastic waste ends up in our landfills and incinerators, litters our parks and beaches, and pollutes our rivers, lakes, and oceans; this includes hundreds of thousands of plastic lawn signs, every election.

There is mounting evidence that single use plastics breakdown and enter into the water system and may be harmful to our ecosystem and pose risks to plants, animals and humans, that is why the Prime Minister is offering leadership in proposing a ban on harmful single use plastics beginning in 2021.

My campaign will be following the waste reduction principles – reduce, reuse and recycle. We will not provide any lawn signs and only be putting up arterial road signs which is a 83% reduction in sign usage compared to a traditional campaign. I will be storing and reusing my signs in the next election campaign. And only those signs that are too damaged to be reused, will be recycled.

I challenge my Conservative opponent Peter Kent to do likewise. As a former Environment Minister he did nothing to protect our community and country from the environmental danger posed by single use plastics. Canadians want their government to offer leadership on environmental issues unlike the rollback of protection taking place under Conservative Premier Doug Ford.

Gary Gladstone,

Liberal Candidate for Thornhill