You don’t need lawn signs to win an election!

We’ve received a lot of feedback following our announcement that we were not going to be using lawn signs during this election campaign. Some of it positive while others questioned our policy.

Climate change is very real, and there are choices we can make every day to have a real and meaningful impact on our environment.

I’m proud to be running for a party that has a real plan to tackle this challenge head on – and as an individual, I want to take some extra steps.

I’m cutting back on signs this election. Every election we race to put them up around the riding and what happens to them afterward? Maybe you use them again in 4 years; maybe they end up in a landfill.

By only putting up signs along major roads, I’m reducing normal sign usage by over 80%. It may be unconventional, and maybe risky, but I think it’s important to start the conversation about what individual campaigns can do.

Yet I’m running neck and neck with Peter Kent.

I’m still coming door-to-door to ask for your support – I just won’t ask you for a sign. Let me know if you support my plan.

If you want to help turn Thornhill red, please consider signing up for a shift of canvassing or phoning be using this link.