Statement from Gary Gladstone on the Liberal Government’s commitment to fight antisemitism

Statement from Gary Gladstone on the Liberal Government’s commitment to fight antisemitism

July 26, 2021

July 22, 2021


THORNHILL, ONGary Gladstone, Liberal Party of Canada candidate for Thornhill, issued the following statement regarding the National Summit on Antisemitism.

“Over my 25 years of living in Thornhill, I have come up against many obstacles that, with the right partners, I have helped to break down to keep driving our community forward.

There is not one I am more passionate about than this one. Antisemitism and hatred have no place in our community.

That’s why I’ve been actively fighting antisemitism for years. My passion for Thornhill and the Jewish people led me to work directly with The Honourable Irwin Cotler, Canada’s Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism, as well as the Prime Minister’s Office and cabinet ministers to plant the seeds for today’s summit.

As a proud Jew and member of the Thornhill community for over 25 years, I was moved and inspired by today’s national summit on antisemitism.

The discussion was both poignant and resolute, making it clear that Canada’s Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on our side and will stand with us to aggressively fight antisemitism.

I am heartened that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau have expressed – repeatedly – their strong support for a safe and secure Israel, as well as unwavering support for Jews here in Canada.

I will continue to speak up and defend Israel within the government, and to ensure that all MPs understand the issues behind the stories they see on television or on social media. Partnered with the Liberal caucus, I will also continue to advocate for more strong supporters of Israel in caucus, adding many more pro-Israel voices in Ottawa. As Prime Minister Trudeau opened his
address today:

‘…antisemitism isn’t a problem for the Jewish community to solve alone – it’s everyone’s
challenge to take on.’

It is evident more now than ever that our community needs to stand together. This Liberal government and its caucus will continue to stand with all Canadians and Israel and fight antisemitism everywhere it may be.

Prime Minister Trudeau continued:

‘This government and millions of Canadians stand with the Jewish community in terms of fighting against oppression as you stand with so many others in fighting against intolerance and
discrimination, these are the things that we need to unite around as Canadians to continually look to do better.’

Today’s National Summit on Antisemitism gives me renewed confidence that Canada’s Liberal government understands and is committed to combatting racism and discrimination. I look forward to continuing the dialogue, and to taking real action to ensure Jews – in Canada, in Israel and around the world – are safe, respected, welcome and vibrant in every community.”

Gary Gladstone